Mega-influencer Helen Owen chats swimwear, travel and life after Instagram

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You can now call an helicopter from your Uber app with Uber Copter -- Here's how

Whether you’re punctual, always late or leave your timing up to the whatever you have going on that day, there’s one destination that no amount of planning or luck can prepare us for when it comes to arriving on time -- the airport. Most New Yorkers have dealt with the all-too-familiar dread and anxiety that comes with getting to any major airport in the area on time, often times racking up cab or ride-share fees that would’ve been better spent on a flight upgrade. What New Yorkers (and travel

Stella Artois will help you beat the heat with free boat rides around one U.S. city this summer

Regardless of what coast or area of the country you live on, Americans are all facing the same sweltering truth -- this summer has been an unbearably hot one. Those in highly-populated, humid cities know all too well that that even the slightest uptick in temperature can make what should be easy, breezy summer days feel like a walking through a swampland, and for residents of New York City, this couldn't be more true. With sky-high temperatures brought on by a serious heatwave earlier this mon

Exclusive: Tensions brew as Meghan is 'someone that Kate can’t necessarily manipulate', source

It hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, as both duchesses have fueled the rumor mill with joint appearances seemingly ridden with tension and stories about emotional altercations. Back in November of last year, it had been reported that Meghan had made Kate cry due to Markle’s strict demands and specifications for Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress. Questions about the relationship between the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex were raised as

Kate Middleton makes surprise appearance on Wimbledon side court during day two of Championships

WIMBLEDON, England -- If spectators had their binoculars ready for a Duchess Catherine sighting in the Royal Box at today’s Wimbledon Championships, they might have found themselves disappointed to find out that Kate was in fact watching a match at a side court for general ticket holders! After a formal announcement from the Royal Palace that Kate would be attending the tournament on July 2, the duchess surprised public ticket holders by sitting in the back row at Court 14 to watch Christina Mc

This private jet company will let you pay as you go whenever you want to fly -- Here's how it works

The world of private aviation and aircraft management seems elusive at best to those without accessibility to private aircraft ownership or exclusive memberships to companies that allow them to travel on those aircrafts. And though a significant level of capital and reputability is still necessary in order to be a considered a viable client for most private aviation memberships, perhaps a streamlined and localized business model in the world of private aircraft management is what’s been the mos

This credit card for travelers offers perks like 4 p.m. check out and worldwide concierge access

Anchored by the two most-anticipated three-day weekends of the year (Memorial Day and Labor Day), summer is prime time for long weekends and extended trips to tropical, beachy destinations. But holiday weekend or not, corporate culture tends to lean toward longer weekends with many companies offering incentives during the warmer months like Summer Fridays and the ability to work from home under more lenient and recurring circumstances. Yet the problem with most three-day-long getaways tends to

Robert Herjavec swears by this one cardinal rule when packing for a business trip

It’s been said that it's about the journey, not the destination, but let’s face it — sometimes the journey can be pretty stressful! This rings especially true when it comes to traveling professionally versus traveling for pleasure. Business trips tend to be jam-packed and quick, leaving little to no room for error or extra stressors. So how exactly do those successful road warriors do it so well and so often? Who better to ask than ‘Shark Tank’ star and entrepreneur Robert Herjavec, a man wel

An inside look through the gates of Desert Beach Club, one of Coachella's most exclusive parties

Weekend one of Coachella has become the golden standard for the hottest, most exclusive parties of the year. Celebrities, influencers and big-name company owners and CEOs fly in from all over the world to stop by the world-renown party scene to see and to be seen. Perhaps no party during Coachella is more talked about or more exclusive than the Velocity Black Desert Beach Club Presented by V Magazine, Mate Bikes and Nana Judy, created by 1OAK LA’s co-owner Darren Dzienciol. 1OAK, which cleverl

Marriott Bonvoy will give you your own butler and glam squad for Coachella -- Here's how

Though the weather may not be in agreement, festival season is upon us and the big kickoff is less than a month away — We’re, of course, talking about Coachella. The Music and Arts Festival that takes place in the middle of the desert finds most attendees shacking up on campgrounds. yet has ironically become synonymous with all things luxury and Instagram-worthy. This year, Marriott Bonvoy has found a perfect way to exemplify the feel of that fusion with an influx of glamping options up for bi

This hotel is offering guests access to free classes of the hottest fitness craze

The rising popularity of home rental sites like Airbnb and VRBO in recent years has changed travelers’ expectations and wishlists for what they want out of a place to stay, especially in terms of making their lodging part of their overall experience versus just a place to rest their head at the end of the day. One of the areas where this is becoming more pertinent is in the wellness and fitness sphere. Gone are the days of checking into a hotel and (unsuccessfully) trying to convince yourself

Exclusive: Lin-Manuel Miranda, audience moved to tears during closing weekend of 'Hamilton' Puerto Rico

“Alexander Hamilton. My name is Alexander Hamilton.” The entire crowd inside Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferré in San Juan erupted into what can only be described as an absolute storm of noise, screams, sobs and pure, unadulterated emotion. As Lin-Manuel Miranda walked onto the stage reprising his role as the titular character for the industry-disrupting musical that he created on January 25, I couldn’t help but be moved to tears (the dress-soaking kind) by the sheer significance of what it

Plan your best vacation ever with this company that's helping people swap properties globally

At one point or another, we’ve all daydreamed about seamlessly slipping into someone else’s life and walking in their shoes, if only for a short period of time. What it would be like to escape to a far away city in Europe and wake up in some grand countryside estate while you let someone else swap lives with you and experience your hustle and bustle lifestyle in Manhattan. Turns out this daydream is more than just a fantasy (or a plot line in the Cameron Diaz classic ‘The Holiday’), thanks to

Marriott is rolling out a brand new rewards program

When you're a frequent traveler, it's almost self-sabotage to not join some sort of rewards program. Whether it's through a hotel brand, credit card company or any sort of external loyalty program, racking up points means racking up previously unattainable benefits. Perhaps one of the strongest examples of this is Marriott. Earlier in 2018, Marriott announced the blending of its three separate rewards programs under one umbrella. This included SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest), Marriott Rewards

Hyatt Centric is throwing surprise concerts around the world -- Here's how you can attend

Most of what makes our favorite trips as memorable as they are has little to do with the itineraries we plan to follow or the accommodations we’re provided, but rather by the experiences we have that arise as a combination of the two. Known for its ability to create properties that are characterized by complete cultural immersion and discovery, Hyatt Centric is embarking on its next mission in offering guests the best-possible immersive experience delivered right to their hotel-room door — and

SpikedSeltzer is giving away free bikes to help you commute in one major city

The dreaded time has finally come for New Yorkers — the L Train is officially shutting down for good. For those living in New York City, the shutdown of the coveted subway line means the end of an indispensable form of transportation when it comes to traveling between Manhattan and Brooklyn. And for those non-New Yorkers unfamiliar with what the Subway even is (what do you mean there are different lines?), think of this as a sudden cutting-off of the only cheap and easy way to get from Point A

Marriott International seals deal on mega-merger of rewards programs

Rewards programs are one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to hospitality brands and their offerings, with many consumers unaware of how advantageous and beneficial enrolling in these programs can really be. For frequent travelers and lovers of luxury, these programs are a given, especially when their hotels or travel brands of choice go above and beyond with perks, benefits and opportunities for top points earners. Marriott International is known to be a fine example of just this, offeri

Hyatt Centric's South American digs make your hotel stay an immersive experience in and of itself

Whether you're traveling for work or for pleasure, trying to make time to balance both in an unfamiliar area can be overwhelming and stressful. International travel is a whole different ballgame when it comes to planning your trip — the desire to explore and lose oneself in a new world and culture seems to grow, while the ease of doing so only seems to diminish. And though booking a hotel might seem to be (and, quite frankly, is) a necessary item to check off on the pre-travel to-do list, it c

'Time Well Spent' and 'Après Sail': The concepts that set Mount Gay Rum apart from the rest

There isn’t quite a word in the English language that describes the feeling of pure fulfillment, content and unadulterated joy that comes from sitting around with a group of close friends and loved ones, sipping cocktails and recalling stories from years (or even days) past. That notion of felling a part of something larger, while also honing in on something so intimate sets the stage for some of the most memorable moments of our lives — those where we are falling in love with new memories as w

8 jaw-dropping facts about the Vanderbilt family's famous 70-room mansion

Newport, Rhode Island is a charming New England city characterized by rich history, quaint shops and restaurants and yacht-filled harbors. Amongst museums, bars and plenty of historical landmarks, perhaps one of Newport’s most well-known attractions is its iconic Cliff Walk, where opulent, timeless mansions sit perched above the ocean to be adored and — if open to the public — visited. Right off of the Cliff Walk path lies the most famous of all the mansions in Newport: The Breakers. The Brea