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Dan Levy urges viewers to vote after historic Emmys win: 'I am so sorry for making this political, but I had to'

It was the Schitt's Creek sweep (or as Twitter crowned it, the Schitt's Streak) on Sunday night as the Canadian-born television show won across all seven Comedy categories at the 72nd Primtetime Emmy Awards. The show made history by being the first in 72 years to win all four major acting awards in its category, one of which was given to the show's star and creator, Daniel Levy, for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Levy went up to accept the award for Outstanding Comedy Series

Hilary Duff gets real about partygoers, lack of social distancing: 'I'm so embarrassed by our country right now'

Health has undoubtedly remained top of mind for everyone since the coronavirus pandemic swept the world into a frenzy months ago. It seems like now, more than ever, it’s pertinent to focus on making choices — both physically and mentally — that prioritize our health as much as we can, as our choices in the realm of wellness are one of the few things that we can control. And while that may seem difficult to do, the key to staying sane and staying well while raising a family comes down to one wo

Priyanka Chopra talks supporting women and philanthropic work: 'I’m a girl champion'

Priyanka Chopra is no stranger when it comes to taking on challenging and innovative roles. The self-proclaimed “brunch girl” wears many different hats — and we’re not just talking about the ones she wears to the brunch table! “The idea is to be able to add my style and flair to a brand which is already super-premium,” Chopra tells AOL of her new role as the first-ever Creative Advisor for BON V!V seltzer, her newest endeavor amid a quiet period of quarantine. The role, which Chopra was set t

Kate Hudson's successful approach to parenting doesn't involve punishment: 'I'm not into that'

Kate Hudson knows that the big secret to keeping it all together is actually contradictory in its nature. “When I started structuring my life a little bit better, I actually felt more freedom,” she says. The actress and WW ambassador spoke exclusively with AOL to talk about her wellness journey and balancing motherhood with self-care without losing that Oscar-nominated smile. “Structure for me was a great lesson for me growing into my adulthood,” Hudson shares. “Mentally, we need the ability

Queen Latifah gets real about healthcare disparities, systemic racism in the U.S.: 'It’s your right to vote and you should treat it as such'

As the United States enters its seventh month of being harrowed by the coronavirus pandemic, there is still uncertainty as to when there will finally be a COVID-19 vaccine and when, if at all, there will be a cure. For those in marginalized communities, the odds of finding a solution seem to be even bleaker, with people of color being nearly three times more likely to be diagnosed with the disease and five times more likely to be hospitalized from related COVID-19 complications than white peopl

Chance the Rapper talks about faith, family and the future of the music industry

Chance the Rapper is adjusting to life quite well in his new quarantine-induced role as part musician, part teacher and full-time stay-at-home dad. "Let me just say, I find my kids doing crazy stuff and that makes me really appreciate their teachers like, man," he laughs. Between whipping up new music and helping his kids tend to their beloved new pet Sea Monkeys ("They're a slow burn," he tells us), Chance is still managing to give back to those who need it most. The rapper and humanitarian

Retirement home throws emotional social distancing parade for residents: 'I'm still on cloud 9'

Social distancing has made in-person interactions extremely nuanced for everyone. For those with family members and loved ones living in nursing and retirement homes, the importance of maintaining physical distance is especially important, given the risks COVID-19 poses to the elderly. But for the staff at Brookstone Retirement Center in Lexington, N.C., quarantine wasn't going to come in the way of reuniting its residents with their loved ones — they just had to get creative. On Friday, April

Alpacas join birthday parties, business meetings as farm offers video calls with furry friends

In times of crisis, it is not uncommon for people to turn to animals for comfort. Many have adopted shelter dogs and cats during the coronavirus quarantine in record-high numbers, but for those who still lack the resources or ability to fully adopt, foster or interact with an animal during this time, technology lends the ability for people to find that closeness with their favorite animals virtually. Ashley Yakaboski, of Baiting Hollow, New York is currently quarantined on her family’s alpaca

If you hate jogging, here are other ways to get your heart pumping outdoors

If you're guilty of rolling your eyes every time you see someone on social media documenting their daily run, you're not alone. For some people, that coveted runner's high feels like more of a myth than a scientifically-backed endorphin rush. But thankfully, there are different (and fun, we promise!) ways to get your heart rate pumping outdoors that don't involve you having to begrudgingly tell your loved ones that you're "going for a quick jog." “The biggest benefits to working out outside are

Michael Phelps shares mental health struggles in quarantine: "There have been some scary times"

The coronavirus pandemic has forced all of us into a state of pause where we can no longer put our physical and mental health on the back burner. When we focus on practicing wellness in both our physical and mental spheres, we're able to become the best versions of ourselves to help best serve the people closest to us. This rings true for 28-time Olympic medal-winning swimmer Michael Phelps, who is a testament to the idea that prioritizing one facet of health often means inadvertently prioriti

Rob Thomas and the Humane Society team up to help pets and their families affected by COVID-19

Animals are an integral part of so many of our lives and families. Amid major crises, organizations are constantly stepping up to ensure the care and safety of so many misplaced and abandoned animals. The coronavirus pandemic presents a difficult challenge in this arena, however, as every element of animal welfare from rescue, to care, to keeping shelters afloat is in some way affected by social distancing rules and threats of exposure to the virus. On April 30, Grammy Award winner Rob Thomas

Two wellness experts weigh in on how to get the stress-reducing benefits of acupuncture at home

Let's be honest with each other -- we are living through extremely stressful times. The effects of the coronavirus on both the physical and mental health of our communities can feel overwhelming and exhausting, especially with many of the resources and spaces we use to combat these maladies being temporarily closed. For many, the practice of acupuncture has been a safe and reliable space for releasing those physical or mental blocks and ailments, as Kim Ross, Founder & CEO of ORA explained: "

14 easy cocktails you can make at home with what's already in your pantry

As many struggle to adjust to the new normal for what seems to be the foreseeable future in quarantine, it's not exactly a surprise that many Americans are hitting their liquor cabinets pretty hard. Whether it's been state-instituted or self-mandated, the inability to go to restaurants and bars and order a craft cocktail or classic favorite has indubitably affected everyone, be it from a mental, financial or social standpoint. Though most of us aren't professional mixologists or bartenders, be

Future talks mentorship, work ethic and the legacy he hopes to leave behind

For many hoping to make a splash in the entertainment industry, the notion of having the right connections or knowing the right people to help bring you up and through has become paramount. With raw, exceptional talent exploding across every social platform, from the tried-and-true YouTube and Instagram singers to new variations like TikTok entertainers, the number of aspiring artists and producers has seemingly skyrocketed in a pool that can feel discouragingly oversaturated. This is especial

These celeb-approved workouts are streaming for free during quarantine

As we all begin to settle into what will inevitably become our new normal for the foreseeable future amid the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are making new routines and daily rituals in order to maintain a sense of control and calmness amid the calamity. One way people are channeling their frustrations and anxieties is through working out, with social media feeds and the internet at large flooded with hundreds of fitness professionals and influencers offering free workouts, classes and tips f

Ben Affleck gets choked up talking about Jennifer Garner: 'I didn't want to get divorced'

In a rare, sit-down interview with Diane Sawyer for Ben Affleck opened up about his struggle with sobriety and his heart-breaking divorce from ex-wife Jennifer Garner. The 47-year-old recounted the first time he found success in sobriety nearly 20 years ago: "I got sober when I was younger, in 2001, which I now look at as sort of a JV version of what really the problem is. I was sober for a couple of years and then I thought, you know, I want to just drink like a normal person and I want to ha

Oscars 2020: Regina King stuns in Versace among best dressed stars of the night

The 2020 Oscars were underway on Sunday night at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, California. The most watched red carpet of awards season always demands that the stars bring their best looks exuding glamour and elegance -- and this year had no shortage of that. Regina King stunned in a pearl-pink asymmetrical gown by Versace paired with blinding jewels by Harry Winston and her hair swept back with a deep side part. Take a look at our favorite looks of the night here: Fan-favorite Kelly R

Demi Lovato debuts emotional new back tattoo

Demi Lovato has been through hell and back -- and now she's got the ink to prove it. The 27-year-old singer took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a photo of a stunning new piece of back art done by tattoo artist Alesandro Capozzi. The drawing, which depicts a fallen angel being lifted into the sky by three doves (which Lovato references as 'the Holy trinity') is meant to symbolize the 'spiritual awakening' Lovato felt she was having upon entering a career comeback after taking a hiatus follo

Jim Carrey raises concerns with inappropriate response to reporter during video interview

Jim Carrey is back on the press circuit to promote his upcoming film 'Sonic the Hedgehog' and it's safe to say that his interview etiquette has been more than questionably appropriate. The 58-year-old actor has been causing a stir after a video clip of his interview with British publication has started to make its rounds on the internet. In the four-minute-long video interview, Carrey sits down with 's Charlotte Long and discusses his lengthy career and how his interactions with fans over the

Selena Gomez slams Justin Bieber with abuse allegations: 'I was a victim'

Selena Gomez is hitting the interview circuit upon the release of her newest studio album, ‘Rare’, and she’s not holding anything back. The singer recently opened up about the album and its tracklist, touching on the first single ‘Lose You To Love Me’ which was her first musical drop in nearly five years. Gomez didn’t shy away from being blunt about the fact that the hit was written about ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, with honesty that seemed almost necessary in talking about a relationship that
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