Kate Hudson's successful approach to parenting doesn't involve punishment: 'I'm not into that'

Kate Hudson knows that the big secret to keeping it all together is actually contradictory in its nature. “When I started structuring my life a little bit better, I actually felt more freedom,” she says. The actress and WW ambassador spoke exclusively with AOL to talk about her wellness journey and balancing motherhood with self-care without losing that Oscar-nominated smile. “Structure for me was a great lesson for me growing into my adulthood,” Hudson shares. “Mentally, we need the ability

If you hate jogging, here are other ways to get your heart pumping outdoors

If you're guilty of rolling your eyes every time you see someone on social media documenting their daily run, you're not alone. For some people, that coveted runner's high feels like more of a myth than a scientifically-backed endorphin rush. But thankfully, there are different (and fun, we promise!) ways to get your heart rate pumping outdoors that don't involve you having to begrudgingly tell your loved ones that you're "going for a quick jog." “The biggest benefits to working out outside are

Michael Phelps shares mental health struggles in quarantine: "There have been some scary times"

The coronavirus pandemic has forced all of us into a state of pause where we can no longer put our physical and mental health on the back burner. When we focus on practicing wellness in both our physical and mental spheres, we're able to become the best versions of ourselves to help best serve the people closest to us. This rings true for 28-time Olympic medal-winning swimmer Michael Phelps, who is a testament to the idea that prioritizing one facet of health often means inadvertently prioriti

Two wellness experts weigh in on how to get the stress-reducing benefits of acupuncture at home

Let's be honest with each other -- we are living through extremely stressful times. The effects of the coronavirus on both the physical and mental health of our communities can feel overwhelming and exhausting, especially with many of the resources and spaces we use to combat these maladies being temporarily closed. For many, the practice of acupuncture has been a safe and reliable space for releasing those physical or mental blocks and ailments, as Kim Ross, Founder & CEO of ORA explained: "

These celeb-approved workouts are streaming for free during quarantine

As we all begin to settle into what will inevitably become our new normal for the foreseeable future amid the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are making new routines and daily rituals in order to maintain a sense of control and calmness amid the calamity. One way people are channeling their frustrations and anxieties is through working out, with social media feeds and the internet at large flooded with hundreds of fitness professionals and influencers offering free workouts, classes and tips f

Brooke Burke swears by these supplements to keep her enviable body in top shape

When it comes to getting on track with our health and wellness, it can feel more overwhelming than empowering on most days. From choosing between the newest fad diet plans, supplements that claim to solve every ailment and offer every cellular benefit and new workout crazes that involve everything from strobe lights to live DJs, there's no one clearcut way to get "healthy." For model and fitness guru Brooke Burke, it's all about prioritization -- the key is choosing products and methods that m

We worked out on the $22,000 treadmill from the company that makes equipment for Olympic athletes

When you complete your workout, can you truthfully say that you performed at your optimal fitness level? It’s a question that fitness pros and workout fanatics would quickly answer ‘yes’ to, but for those with fitness levels in the in-between, it’s hard to give an honest answer when you’re not really quite sure what your optimal level is. Though shelling out money for a personal trainer or activity tracker device to measure your progress and performance isn an option for many, it isn’t for all

SoulCycle to host over 350 free charity rides; Equinox to donate $1M in wake of Ross criticism

It’s been all but a quiet week for SoulCycle and Equinox after news broke that Stephen Ross, founder and chairman of Related Companies (which owns Equinox and Soul among other popular restaurants, fitness brands and properties) was hosting a fundraiser on August 9 in his Southhampton, New York home benefiting President Donald Trump’s reelection. Furious customers and former loyal riders were up in arms about the what they perceived to be a clearcut association between the money they were spendi

These are the foods that Tracy Anderson swears by to stay in shape

If you’ve managed to retain anything from your high school Biology class, it’s most likely this following bit of information: The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. And though social media and meme culture have made light of the scientific fact that we’ve all managed to have drilled into our heads it’s because it’s true — if our mitochondria aren’t functioning at their optimal level of performance, our bodies and our overall functionality begin to suffer as well. As we grow older (par

Supermodel Molly Sims shares the workout App she's currently obsessing over

The best reward that comes from taking care of your physical and mental health is in the way that you feel — practicing wellness is all about practicing self-care and being the best version of yourself that you can be. But, then again, would it hurt to actually be tangibly rewarded for being your best, healthy self (instead of just feeling good on the inside?) Most affordable travel destinations in the US Most affordable travel destinations in the US Salt Lake City takes the final spot. We est