Lush Cosmetics debuts extremely raunchy NSFW advertisement on Instagram -- Peep the shocking shot

In the world of social media advertising, brands have to get creative in order to get their posts and products noticed. Provocative images and wordplay are often one route influencers and companies alike tend to take, and with Valentine's Day coming up next month, it's prime time to pull out all the stops to make innuendo-filled puns for new product and release pushes. It looks like Lush Cosmetics has wasted no time in making a splash in extremely NSFW advertising given the company's latest In

Internet slams Jeff Bezos for Amazon donation to Australian wildfire relief

Jeff Bezos and Amazon are stepping up in the wake of the devastating Australian wildfires that have claimed the lives of 27 people and an estimated one billion animals. The Amazon CEO posted on his personal Instagram account Sunday night to share with consumers that the company would be donating 1 million AUD in disaster relief aid: "Our hearts go out to all Australians as they cope with these devastating bushfires," Bezos captioned the photo of a firefighter in the Australian countryside, "Am

Is the mom in the new Peloton holiday ad being held captive? Because it sure looks like it

Peloton is taking a lot of flak for its new holiday commercial that depicts absolutely nothing about the cycling company yet absolutely everything at the same time. The commercial begins on a fictional Christmas morning with a mother and her daughter coming down the stairs hiding their eyes waiting for the big reveal of the present that the husband/father figure is hiding. The daughter, who is holding in her hand which could easily pass for a stuffed animal version of Slenderman is all but thr

You can now call an helicopter from your Uber app with Uber Copter -- Here's how

Whether you’re punctual, always late or leave your timing up to the whatever you have going on that day, there’s one destination that no amount of planning or luck can prepare us for when it comes to arriving on time -- the airport. Most New Yorkers have dealt with the all-too-familiar dread and anxiety that comes with getting to any major airport in the area on time, often times racking up cab or ride-share fees that would’ve been better spent on a flight upgrade. What New Yorkers (and travel

Gronk reveals plans for his next chapter and who he thinks the 'healthiest guy in the NFL' is

Three-time Super Bowl Champion and notorious partyboy Rob Gronkowski has a new vice — and yes, it involves plant. But before you jump to conclusions, the new Gronk era will involve nothing nefarious — in fact, it’s quite the opposite. On Tuesday, the recently retired tight end for the New England Patriots announced that he will be partnering up with CBDMEDIC maker Abacus Health to create a new recovery-focused product line set to hit shelves in 2020. Coming off of a rough end to both physical

We worked out on the $22,000 treadmill from the company that makes equipment for Olympic athletes

When you complete your workout, can you truthfully say that you performed at your optimal fitness level? It’s a question that fitness pros and workout fanatics would quickly answer ‘yes’ to, but for those with fitness levels in the in-between, it’s hard to give an honest answer when you’re not really quite sure what your optimal level is. Though shelling out money for a personal trainer or activity tracker device to measure your progress and performance isn an option for many, it isn’t for all

SoulCycle to host over 350 free charity rides; Equinox to donate $1M in wake of Ross criticism

It’s been all but a quiet week for SoulCycle and Equinox after news broke that Stephen Ross, founder and chairman of Related Companies (which owns Equinox and Soul among other popular restaurants, fitness brands and properties) was hosting a fundraiser on August 9 in his Southhampton, New York home benefiting President Donald Trump’s reelection. Furious customers and former loyal riders were up in arms about the what they perceived to be a clearcut association between the money they were spendi

American Express has acquired dining app Resy -- Here are the benefits for Card Members

The biggest benefit of having a credit card is being able to cash in on the hundreds of rewards you're eligible for through points you accumulate. One of the best ways to spend these points? In the area of fine dining, of course! American Express is known for offering some of the best advantages for Card Members when it comes to hotspots and dishes in the restaurant industry, and the company's latest acquisition of popular restaurant reservation app, Resy, is about to propel those benefits for

This private jet company will let you pay as you go whenever you want to fly -- Here's how it works

The world of private aviation and aircraft management seems elusive at best to those without accessibility to private aircraft ownership or exclusive memberships to companies that allow them to travel on those aircrafts. And though a significant level of capital and reputability is still necessary in order to be a considered a viable client for most private aviation memberships, perhaps a streamlined and localized business model in the world of private aircraft management is what’s been the mos

Your favorite 'Game of Thrones' villain reveals which actor made her 'inner fangirl' go crazy

It’s the end of an era as ‘Game of Thrones’ has come to an eight-season-long close. For the last eight years, fans have mourned the loss of their most-beloved characters, cheered for the just deaths of their least-favorites and have all but become entrenched in a fantasy world full of destruction and uncertainty — and now it’s time to say goodbye. But dragons and castles aside, the ‘Thrones’ ideals of fate and devastation aren’t so far off from what we experience daily in our real lives, espec

Robert Herjavec swears by this one cardinal rule when packing for a business trip

It’s been said that it's about the journey, not the destination, but let’s face it — sometimes the journey can be pretty stressful! This rings especially true when it comes to traveling professionally versus traveling for pleasure. Business trips tend to be jam-packed and quick, leaving little to no room for error or extra stressors. So how exactly do those successful road warriors do it so well and so often? Who better to ask than ‘Shark Tank’ star and entrepreneur Robert Herjavec, a man wel

Meet the man behind the most-instagrammed locker room in the world

If you’ve been fortunate enough to step into one of the hundreds of thousands of boutique fitness studios in the country, chances are one of two things happened when you left the locker room — you either realized you didn’t even think about the locker room at all while you were inside or you were so baffled by the technology and design of the lockers that it almost outweighed your fitness experience itself (at risk of being overdramatic, you get the point.) In either case, you were most likely

You'll have to walk through a bottle of Campari to find this hidden bar in Manhattan

When you’re a brand that prides itself on equal parts innovation and tradition that's characterized by sophistication and and Italian elegance, it’s important to convey that feeling throughout every element in the company. For most major brands, this goes beyond company code and work perks — it starts right in the space that employees are working in. And for Campari America, which just unveiled its new New York headquarters, that concept was taken to the next level. “The business unit in Amer

Rebecca Minkoff on the right moment to 'quit your day job and launch' your dream business

Women's History Month may be pulling to a close but many of the brilliant partnerships, initiatives and activations that began in honor of the occasion are still rolling full-steam ahead in order to make the support of women-operated businesses not only a monthly occasion but an every-day normality. One of these partnerships is the union between She’s Next, Empowered by VISA and Rebecca Minkoff's FemaleFounder Collective. The two organizations hosted 'Wide Awake: A Day for Female Founders' in

Nicole Lapin is showing you how to pay your bills by using emojis -- Here's how

New year, new you — sound familiar as soon as January rolls around every year? When it comes to making resolutions, be it in the new year or not, it seems as though the two most popular areas that people strive to better their habits in are fitness and finances. In order to succeed in both, you need the right support system, the right mindset and most of all, the right tools. So why not take on your financial resolutions with the same methods you employ to take on your fitness resolutions? A

Plan your best vacation ever with this company that's helping people swap properties globally

At one point or another, we’ve all daydreamed about seamlessly slipping into someone else’s life and walking in their shoes, if only for a short period of time. What it would be like to escape to a far away city in Europe and wake up in some grand countryside estate while you let someone else swap lives with you and experience your hustle and bustle lifestyle in Manhattan. Turns out this daydream is more than just a fantasy (or a plot line in the Cameron Diaz classic ‘The Holiday’), thanks to

Marriott is rolling out a brand new rewards program

When you're a frequent traveler, it's almost self-sabotage to not join some sort of rewards program. Whether it's through a hotel brand, credit card company or any sort of external loyalty program, racking up points means racking up previously unattainable benefits. Perhaps one of the strongest examples of this is Marriott. Earlier in 2018, Marriott announced the blending of its three separate rewards programs under one umbrella. This included SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest), Marriott Rewards

eBay toy expert: This will be the hottest toy of the Holiday season

The cold weather’s officially hit the East Coast and the rest of the country which means the inevitable is upon us — winter is coming. Before we know it, the holiday season will be here and the frenzy to get the best and hottest items on everyone’s wishlists will become a priority. Luckily, eBay’s staying ahead of the game so we don’t have to guess what exactly those items will be, as the e-commerce giant has rounded up a list of predictions for this year’s hottest toys of the holiday season.

Marriott International seals deal on mega-merger of rewards programs

Rewards programs are one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to hospitality brands and their offerings, with many consumers unaware of how advantageous and beneficial enrolling in these programs can really be. For frequent travelers and lovers of luxury, these programs are a given, especially when their hotels or travel brands of choice go above and beyond with perks, benefits and opportunities for top points earners. Marriott International is known to be a fine example of just this, offeri

Angela Yee wants to make your side hustle go viral -- Here's how to apply

In today’s world, we not only seem to want to do it all, but more often than not, think that we actually can. Blame it on low wages, lack of adequate employment options or simply a sense of ‘stuck-ness’ in an unfulfilling career path, but many are turning to ‘side hustles’ as passionate means to an end in addition to the daytime jobs they’re already running. Digital and social media have helped bring attention to (and, in and of themselves, created) so many niche markets and needs that have ma
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