14 easy cocktails you can make at home with what's already in your pantry

As many struggle to adjust to the new normal for what seems to be the foreseeable future in quarantine, it's not exactly a surprise that many Americans are hitting their liquor cabinets pretty hard. Whether it's been state-instituted or self-mandated, the inability to go to restaurants and bars and order a craft cocktail or classic favorite has indubitably affected everyone, be it from a mental, financial or social standpoint. Though most of us aren't professional mixologists or bartenders, be

The Macallan unveils its newest edition -- and label is completely shock-worthy

The spirits industry is one that thrives on a melting pot of brands that stand for tradition, brands that are pioneers in their field and for the most longstanding and successful companies, brands whose portfolios offer a delicate balance of both. When it comes to whisky in particular, The Macallan is without a doubt the leader in what it means to be at the forefront of innovation while truly staying rooted in tradition. The Macallan Edition Series, a limited-edition collection that comes out

Natty Light just released a hard seltzer and the 'Chads' of Instagram will never be the same

There's nothing like cracking open a cold one on a lazy summer day, but this summer, beer has taken the backseat as most drinkers' beverage of choice. Summer 2019 might has well be called the Summer of Seltzer with well-established spirits companies making a splash onto the scene with their own variations of the easily-drinkable cans, from Smirnoff to Svedka. Hard seltzer sales grew a whopping 169 percent (about $487.8 million) year over year in 2018, according to data from Nielsen, and they d

American Express has acquired dining app Resy -- Here are the benefits for Card Members

The biggest benefit of having a credit card is being able to cash in on the hundreds of rewards you're eligible for through points you accumulate. One of the best ways to spend these points? In the area of fine dining, of course! American Express is known for offering some of the best advantages for Card Members when it comes to hotspots and dishes in the restaurant industry, and the company's latest acquisition of popular restaurant reservation app, Resy, is about to propel those benefits for

Stella Artois will help you beat the heat with free boat rides around one U.S. city this summer

Regardless of what coast or area of the country you live on, Americans are all facing the same sweltering truth -- this summer has been an unbearably hot one. Those in highly-populated, humid cities know all too well that that even the slightest uptick in temperature can make what should be easy, breezy summer days feel like a walking through a swampland, and for residents of New York City, this couldn't be more true. With sky-high temperatures brought on by a serious heatwave earlier this mon

Jonathan Van Ness: 'I want to see more people talking about trans women who are facing violence'

The world has been a lot more colorful the past few weeks in celebration of Pride month, with retailers, big-name companies and advocates everywhere sporting all things in rainbow in honor of the LGBTQIA+ community. Though it may seem like acceptance and visibility of the LGBTQIA+ community is widespread as it is accepted, the frustrating truth is that it is not. Pride month has become an opportunity for companies, organizations and influencers to use their platforms to bring visibility to a c

These are the foods that Tracy Anderson swears by to stay in shape

If you’ve managed to retain anything from your high school Biology class, it’s most likely this following bit of information: The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. And though social media and meme culture have made light of the scientific fact that we’ve all managed to have drilled into our heads it’s because it’s true — if our mitochondria aren’t functioning at their optimal level of performance, our bodies and our overall functionality begin to suffer as well. As we grow older (par

Your favorite 'Game of Thrones' villain reveals which actor made her 'inner fangirl' go crazy

It’s the end of an era as ‘Game of Thrones’ has come to an eight-season-long close. For the last eight years, fans have mourned the loss of their most-beloved characters, cheered for the just deaths of their least-favorites and have all but become entrenched in a fantasy world full of destruction and uncertainty — and now it’s time to say goodbye. But dragons and castles aside, the ‘Thrones’ ideals of fate and devastation aren’t so far off from what we experience daily in our real lives, espec

You'll have to walk through a bottle of Campari to find this hidden bar in Manhattan

When you’re a brand that prides itself on equal parts innovation and tradition that's characterized by sophistication and and Italian elegance, it’s important to convey that feeling throughout every element in the company. For most major brands, this goes beyond company code and work perks — it starts right in the space that employees are working in. And for Campari America, which just unveiled its new New York headquarters, that concept was taken to the next level. “The business unit in Amer

Macklemore opens up about how art has been 'a weapon of resistance' in his life

With budget cuts and shifting policies surrounding in-school arts education on the forefront of everyone’s mind and seemingly every politician’s political agenda, the importance and necessity of credible arts programs in schools across the country has come in to question. For many, there isn’t even any question to be asked at all — music and arts are as a fundamental to a child’s educational development as the maths and sciences, perhaps in some cases even more fundamental as they allow for an

Two exclusive NYC hotspots are teaming up to deliver the dining experience of the future

Whether you’re a diehard foodie or a music junkie (or in our case, a little bit of both), it can always be agreed upon that when good food and good music fuse together into one experience, the result is a whole other level of delicious. Diners in culture hubs and trend-focused cities around the world are no longer satisfied with a simple multi-course meal full of delectable flavors — what they want is an overall dining experience that dazzles, delights and intrigues all of their senses other th

Katie Lee reveals how to throw an award-worthy Oscar's viewing party

Awards Season is in full swing and the most highly-anticipated show is right around the corner — The Oscars, of course! While some will opt to curl up on the couch with a bottle of wine and take-out to tune into the show (that’s where you’ll find us), others will opt for a more glam night in by throwing a soiree worthy of an Academy Award itself. But with seemingly limitless options for decor, cocktails and food, planning the perfectly themed viewing party can seem overwhelming — and totally e

Michael Bublé opens up about new album and tour: 'I didn’t know if — or when — I would come back'

Whether you’re a football fan or not, we can all (for the most part) agree that one of the best things about the Super Bowl is indubitably the onslaught of creative, provocative and downright entertaining commercials that play in-between breaks. The advertisements usually involve celebrity cameos and big names tied to products and initiatives that are set to make a splash in their industry — and when the celebrity’s last name can be easily mistaken for the name of the product, it’s bound to be

Man sues Burger King for free Whoppers for life after being trapped inside bathroom for an hour

If one of your worst nightmares includes being locked in the bathroom of a fast-food restaurant with nothing to pry you out but a measly fly swatter and your otherwise dormant belief in a higher power, just know that for someone less fortunate than you, this was an actual reality. But at least for Curtis Brooner, justice was served — except not exactly in the form of burgers for life as he had hoped. Brooner, 50, was dining inside a Portland, Oregon location of Burger King on December 15th whe

Man is 'outraged' to find out the ice-cream he just ate at Pizza Hut was not, in fact, vegan

23-year-old Kori Paul Swabey of Plymouth, England just wanted some dessert with his pizza, but what he got instead left him ‘outraged’ and ‘heartbroken.’ Because in a shocking revelation, Swabey came to find out that the ice-cream (and toppings) he was served at the Barbican Leisure Park location of Pizza Hut on the night of January 5 was not — contrary to Swabey’s understanding — vegan. According to the local Plymouth Herald, Swabey asked his waitress if everything served at the ice-cream sta

This Starbucks boasts a 60-foot bar -- Here are the coffee-inspired cocktails you need to try

Putting liquor in your coffee might not be something you do on the daily unless you’re a Bailey’s loyalist -- but the combination of both bitter liquids is actually more common than you may think. Cocktails like Espresso Martinis and Mexican Coffees have been earning spots on the trendiest menus for years with good reason — there’s something to be said about the decadence that a perfectly roasted coffee bean matched with a rich, equally-as-strong liquor offers. And perhaps no brand’s reputatio

Adam Devine reveals one major secret about his upcoming movie with Rebel Wilson

’Tis the season for getting together with friends and loved ones, filled with merry parties and holiday spirit(s). Whether you’re throwing back shots or sipping on a spiced cocktail, there’s nothing that evokes a sense of merry-ness (new word, let’s go with it) quite like rum. This year, rum behemoth Captain Morgan tapped its Chief Party Officer, actor and comedian Adam Devine for another go-around to crash one fan’s holiday party all in the name of a very merry Lit-mas. Fans were encouraged

Beer can doubles as a petition you can sign to make Election Day a federal holiday -- Here's how

Unless you’ve somehow managed to avoid all forms of social media (and digital media at large) over the past few months, the millions of posts and words of encouragement to get out and vote in this year's midterm election on November 6 have probably screamed out at you every time you've glanced at a screen. But the ever-prevalent rallying cries aiming to get as many people to the polls as possible this year are for good reason, as it was found that nearly 60 percent of Americans who were eligibl

Can you believe?! Jonathan Van Ness talks corn, vodka and America

For large-scale, reputable brands, continuing to roll out products that feel fresh and innovative can be challenging, especially in the spirits industry. There seems to be a fine line between veering too far away from the taste that consumers know and love and creating something new and different that will broaden its customer base. For Smirnoff, a vodka brand that is known for fun flavors and a party-centric vibe, expanding to new customers doesn’t necessarily require coming up with bold, new

The one thing Mario Lopez would say to his 16-year-old self if he could go back to 1990

There’s something about an old-school box of cereal that enlightens the best sense of nostalgia within all of us. Whether you’re struck with memories of waking up as a child on a Saturday with your only worries being deciding which cartoon to watch next (sign us up) or simply miss the days when social media didn’t make you feel shame for not following a sugar/dairy/gluten/fat-free diet, a colorful cereal is all it takes to bring us back to those moments of simplicity and pure fun. It's out of
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